About Pyramidion


Pyramid of shiny silver small pyramids


 Our primary purpose is to help the Illuminati usher in the Age of Illuminatiam aka New World Order.  We are actively doing our part to ensure all people in all places have a chance to find the Illuminati and follow the Light.



All seeing eye in delta triangle

We function on a FYEO basis at ALL times.

  Pyramidion Group has been tasked with helping to maintain the integrity, tone, mission, and vision of the Initiate Network, which is the vehicle we use to drive the life changes messages of the Illuminati around the world.

We house the most important messages released by the Illuminati, in a number of translations. The Globalist Agenda is the centerpiece. Together with the Pendulum of Power, these vital messages are central to our work as leaders of a new age. 




Participation in Pyramidion is by invitation only.

This Group consists of Initiates who have demonstrated leadership ability and who can be trusted to provide accurate information regarding the Illuminati’s Public Outreach while teaching others to do the same.

This group chooses the best and brightest from the Initiates, and highlights them as leaders in our Community,  based on their contribution to it. Many of us have served on other “pyramids” in the Initiate Network, of which we are the Apex.

Each member has their own area of expertise that they share with other Initiates in this movement, We are service to others driven and recognize the value of belonging to something larger than ourselves

Additionally, we help support Council 22 & Sec 77 through leadership transition, and can often be seen filling in for those who are on administrative, or medical leave.

We always stand on the ready, to mentor those who have an earnest desire to follow in our footsteps until they are ready to blaze their own trails.


A pyramidion (plural: pyramidia) is the uppermost piece or capstone of an Egyptian pyramid or obelisk, in archaeological parlance. Speakers of the Ancient Egyptian language referred to pyramidia as benbenet and associated the pyramid as a whole with the sacred benben stone.



We are proud members of the “IN Crowd”!




The Illuminati