Giving Back

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Going forward, the Initiate Network will be spotlighting legitimate, and verified need here on Pyramidion, thus providing a way for those with abundance, to help others in our IAMFAM if so led. This will help us all distinguish between the potentially fraudulent, and those truly in need.

To be clear, we will only showcase those who have hit an unfortunate rough patch, through no fault of their own. Making poor choices in life should not be rewarded by bailing others out. Doing so would prevent IAMs ability to see how folks manage their hardships, which is a component of their Initiation.

IAM has been abundantly clear about scammers, and we have a whole team dedicated to combatting fraud to help us all avoid scams. Just because someone plays the game, by parroting what is being preached in this outreach, does NOT mean they are categorically trustworthy.  If anyone gets duped by their own poor judgement, and discernment, that is on them.

Providing a place on Pyramidion for Initiates to verify legitimate need, is our contribution towards a solution, to prevent issues about the trustworthiness of a fellow Initiate’s financial claims. We advise you all consider, and confirm the validity of someone’s words, if you are thinking about helping anyone monetarily. The list below has been vetted as much as humanly possible. Please do your own additional research before coming to a final conclusion. Discretion and discernment is highly advise.


To be clear, ANY help you render is not the responsibility of this group, and we are not culpable if we find out later that we too, have been duped by a scammer. This information is provided in good faith, as a means to help our IAMFAM in need obtain the help they seek~


Anyone using their role in c22/Sec77/Pg to solicit/catfish favors, money and/or gifts (regardless of reason) will be removed from our groups w/swiftness and finality. Hardships are placed in our path to test our resolve. How & where we ask for help, matters. Part of the challenge for Initiate Leadership, is teaching the Initiates that words on a page, do not a Saint make. We simply cannot believe someone, just because they can memorize, mimic & mirror! Unfortunately, there are VERY clever folks among us that are here with the sole purpose, to deceive. Please use caution before funding someone you know nothing about, who is not using a verified service to ask for help.

If you are someone who is struggling due to no fault of your own, our first response is one of pure empathy. We are truly sorry to learn you are facing this unfortunate experience. However, you do NOT have to face it alone. We have an Initiate Hotline DM Group available on Twitter, if you need to talk.  Let us know if you would like to be included, when you contact us with a link to your campaign.

Please submit your Crowd Funding links to Pyramidion for review, via our email address listed at the top left of every page on this site. If we approve your request, it will be posted below. We recognize the time sensitivity of most cases, and will respond as quickly as humanly possible.


Please consider help helping the following Initiates:


1) I have a go fund me item for consideration. An initiate was attacked before Christmas has setup a gofundme account to help. Here is the link he has had surgery and has screws in his foot from the x-ray.  -Brad Adams


Bramford’s Go Fund Me Campaign