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It is incumbent on each and everyone of us to find and follow our own path. Do not be concerned about the various paths others take to get to the same destination.
That being said…We all do not arrive at the same time. Those who make a concerted effort to grow towards their destiny will reach the destination sooner than those who do not~


We met in the most unbelievable of ways. We were all uniquely & individually drawn to The Illuminati’s Public Outreach.

Before we ever met, we each had signed up to become followers of the Illuminati. When we did, we all became what ILLUMINATIAM, The First Testament of the Illuminati calls, “Citizen Members”.  Folks who have agreed to live by their ideals, can absolutely consider themselves officially affiliated with their organization if they do so.

And we all do.

Our fundamental commonality was our ability to look beyond the rumors, and really listen, as the Illuminati finally came out of the shadows, and gave voice to their point of view. As humanitarians, and folks naturally drawn towards the Light, we could comprehend & fully resonate with, the calling for us to unify as a species.

When they opened their Members Portal (forum) in July of 2017, we became Official Initiates of the Illuminati. It was in this Lord of the Flies/Bermuda Triangle of Chaos, that we slowly found each other & united.

We’d  like to invite you to learn more about the Illuminati, and their brilliant, potentially life changing messages to humanity.

All people in all places are welcome to petition The Illuminati for leadership opportunities below.



Here are the OFFICIAL links to The Illuminati, their agents, and verified profiles. Please be aware that there are scammers and fraudsters out there, who are actually in the business of robbing others.  Make no mistake, The Illuminati NEVER charges membership or initiations fees, and never accepts donations.  Remember… It is our DUTY to report scams & frauds to the Illuminati.





This is all the information you need to avoid being a victim of crime.


Introduction Site~


Illuminati’s YouTube~

See the Illuminati’s Commercials

Illuminati on Twitter~

Official Social Media Account

Illuminati on Facebook~

Official Social Media Account

Illuminati on Google~

Official Social Media Account

Official Site w/Archives~

Learn more about The Illuminati’s Public Outreach here

DODIS Merch & Flair~

Contact DODIS with questions concerning purchases and shipping delays

Members Portal~

Come hang out with other Initiates on the Citizen Members Portal aka Forum

People of the Illuminati~

See images of those who follow The Illuminati & add yours




Please Note:

      This is NOT an official recognized Illuminati website.

It is created by Initiates, for Initiates. V manages and maintains the web resources for Apex.  If you would like to have your Testimonial added to these pages, or have comments and/or suggestions regarding the material presented, Please submit them via CONTACT US.



Thanks to Initiate Lexi Roeder for creating the awesome info-graphic above!