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Pyramidion Group

Distinguished Members List

Pyramidion membership is by invitation only.

Our esteemed members are hand picked for their exemplary service to others by our founder, the venerable Princess V~

Pyramidion members are considered distinguished Initiates of the Illuminati’s Public Outreach by their peers. They have demonstrated rarefied character, and are proven leaders in both their personal and professional lives. 

But the most important aspect of this group, is their level of loyalty. Not just to the Illuminati(am), but to each other.




 iVy Taroc aka V~

Arizona, USA

Shepherdess & Scribe

Citizen Member of the Illuminati -Fall 2014

Illuminati Princess & Distinguished CM – Spring 2015

Verified Level 1.1  Initiate of the Illuminati  -Summer 2017

V penned the newly released  “Initiate of the Illuminati” -From the Perspective of History’s First Verified Level 1.1 Initiate. She owns & operates iMARK Radio, an online tune & talk station, featuring the Initiates of the Illuminati. iMark serves humanity by helping folks find the Light, and follow the Illuminati~



Brad 🕷 Adams

Kansas, USA

Executive Liaison & Founder of Sec 77

SULTAN of SECURITY & Host of Anti-Fraud Network -iMARK Radio

Citizen Member of the Illuminati -Fall 2015
Initiate of the Illuminati -Summer 2017
Founder of Anti-Fraud via c22 – Est. Fall 2017
Owner of Ayp Construction and Repair

CSO of SEC 77, a Security Based Volunteer Group that includes Anti-Fraud & Quality Control.

Brad helps others avoid scams, and stay safe.




Anthony Maples aka 

California, USA

Citizen Member of the Illuminati -2016

Initiate of the Illuminati -Summer 2017 

22 year veteran security officer, consultant, independent contractor, and bail enforcement agent.

“Knowledge and experience were the keys that unlocked my wisdom, and awakening.”



Justin Mathews di Cristofaro

West Virginia, USA

Executive Liaison for Council 22 

Citizen Member of the Illuminati  -Spring 2014

Initiate of the Illuminati -Summer 2017

Writer, Fashionisto, Poet, iMARK Lyricist, and Occultist -Justin is a fearless advocate for strong women. Justin has a passion for charities that center around addiction, and mental health.  He is dedicated to mentoring those following the Illuminati who are struggling through their Initiation.

Additionally, Justin is our Social Media Ambassador.

“There is a veil between the Gods amongst men, and the willfully indifferent. That is the narrow space in which I live”.



John Mwalwala

Mombasa, Kenya 

Executive Liaison for International Communication aka IC

Citizen Member of the Illuminati -Spring 2017

John is a Human Resource Management graduate, and currently a property manager. He is an ardent supporter of the LBGT community and a creative writer. John keeps a blog based on humanitarian issues near to his heart, which  are posted on the left of this page.

John’s main objective in his role with Pyramidion is to facilitate the translation of ILLUMINATIAM, The First Testament of the Illuminati and their archived messages into as many languages  as possible. 

“It doesn’t matter what others see in you; what matters is what you see in yourself. You shall became whom you believe you’re not whom others think you’re” 


Hezborn Okal

Kisumu County -Kenya

Master Mentor 

Citizen Member of the Illuminati 2016

Initiate of the Illuminati July 2017

Hezborn is a Christian University Lecturer and a teacher, with a masters degree in Professional counseling, Christian Education and Leadership. A religious leader with a strong passion to Spread the Light. He is currently the owner and Proprietor of a Junior School of which he is trying to see young kids through Primary Education including the less fortunate and Vulnerable children, as well as assisting drug addicts to find their freedom.

He has an outstanding Love for everyone, Respect for all and always loyal to the fellow Leaders and IAM.

”Prosperity and success in life does not come overnight. You use invest your time, talent, and treasure to achieve what you want”



Sophia Jennifer Giacalone

 Alicante, Spain


Citizen member of THE Illuminati summer 2016

Initiate of THE Illuminati summer 2017

LINGUIST .Translator and Interpreter. Translator/Spanish for iMARK Radio for the AFN . Classical pianist bel canto singer. Vocal coach and piano teacher. Tarotist.
Dedicated to the security of all members against scammers and creating a safe environment for members against scammers. Active member of TAB/Anti-Fraud




Honorable Mention for past service:

Peppe Barretta


Lead Administrator of Pyramidion, on Facebook 

Citizen Member of the Illuminati -2016

Initiate of the Illuminati -Summer 2017

Div. Petroli Ode Holding-Cons. Nuova Petroli, Dir.  FAIB Napoli Fed. Italiana Benzinai, Comm. Consolato Russia Napoli.