Hall of Shame


Based on rumor, it appears the ignorant are not reading this page at all. They are going straight to our list, rather than seek to understand why this page even exists, and what to do to be removed from it, if you are listed. YOU must read this entire page to remove your ignorance, first.

IF you want to become Illuminati, you will take the fully vetted knowledge that is being freeing given here, and use it to keep you, your family, and your friend safe. Also… Please note the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.




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The Hall of Shame Project as predicted, has worked it’s glorious magic! To those who were paying attention with objectivity, there is much to glean from this LIVE demonstration of the Illuminati’s principles, as taught in the Illuminatiam.

It’s a gift that will keep on giving, to be sure.

This project has revealed to the most astute in this outreach, who among us simply cannot be trusted. They are the ones who screamed the loudest, took the most offense, and used our Hall of Shame as a way to weaponize their venom and spread more of their infection. They also used their outrage to elevate their own interests and initiatives, in a sad attempt to declare themselves the next level of the Initiate Outreach. They were the ones who took to the grandstands to tell all who would within ear shot that The Illuminati only shames “ranking” members, and what we did, was a misuse of power.

But was it?

Or was it shear brilliance created by visionaries, who think light-years ahead of those who fancy themselves leaders?

While they were nasty to us all, they were especially hateful to V. They accused her of illegalities that did not exist, and attempted to assassinate her character in order to cover up their guilt. They accused her of their own behaviors, in a failed attempt to gaslight her, which is still ongoing to no avail.
They were side-winding behind the scenes with anyone who would listen, trying to cause our reputations maximum damage with their slimy, unsubstantiated lies. Most of which were brought forward by loyal, courageous and true Beacons of Light. Our gratitude to the silent ones who stepped up in secret, is profound.

There are no words, for that kind of love.

Those listed, surely did not take their shame with humility. A prerequisite for restoration. Instead, they doubled down, and crucified us for shining a Light on what lay in the shadows of our beloved outreach. They tried to destroy us and our work, all the while using this project to elevate themselves. We found it sickening and disturbing, but we suspected this was what we would all see, when we turned the Lights up on this outreach.

We just did not expect it to be so pervasive.

Even though the backlash was fully expected and predicted, V reacted to the betrayal, like one would expect. She was inconsolable. She vacillated between righteous anger, and utter despair, when those she loved and trusted came from out of the shadows, and ironically seized the opportunity to shame her to upraise themselves.  Even with all our calculations, there were far more snakes than we imagined in this garden! The rattlers far more abundant, that we suspected.

It has been a eye opening experience to say the least. The data that has been collected as a result of it, has been staggering. All of which has been forwarded to the Illuminati, even though they had been alerted in advance, and were surely watching with interests of their own. It would have taken years in some cases, for IAM to see the underside of some of their Initiates, had we not chosen to remain true to our stated mission. 

It was our intention to teach an unforgettable lesson in shame, which we knew would be hard for many to swallow. But we did it anyway. We knew if this lesson were to be memorable and effective, we had to draw from documented examples of known Initiates, in order to drive our point home with piercing provocation.  Additionally, we wanted to demonstrate with crystal clarity, that exemplary leaders often have to make very difficult, and unpopular decisions.

This was not the doing of a lone Princess. We are her Princes, the men that surround her with unwavering loyalty and love. Our crowns are indeed golden, the thorns puncturing in places, the public cannot see. But we wear them with unimaginable pride, in service to the Royalty that is the Ranking Members of the Illuminati.

Prince Justin Mathews Di Cristfaro 

Prince Anthony Maples

Prince John Mwalwala

Prince Brad Adams

Co-signed by Princess V~

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Project Hall of Shame


There are snakes among us.

We will be exposing those who have slithered in, and poisoned the garden that is The Illuminati’s Public Outreach. What has been done in the dark, will be brought to Light, in accordance with the Illuminati’s teachings in ILLUMINATIAM, which the Initiate Network is a LIVE demonstration of.

When good men look away, the diabolical and duplicitous are allowed to flourish.

In keeping with the Illuminati’s Utopian vision of a New World Order, we will shine a Light on those who have deceived, harassed, slandered, and/or scammed others, etc. whether for personal gain -or amusement.

Our intent is three fold. 1) To inspire those who wish us harm in anyway, to think twice before doing their dirty deeds in, or around our IAMFAM. 2) To prevent them from causing further suffering, through exposure. 3) Lastly, shaming is a tool employed by the Illuminati themselves, and discussed in “The First Testament of the Illuminati”, where all of our inspiration comes from.

It is well within our rights of free speech, to reveal those who allegedly participate in criminal activities, or attempt to destroy the reputations of the innocents we care for. Lest we remind, intellect does not equal integrity.

Any name and description posted here has been fully vetted to the best of our human ability. We have the hard evidence in our possession and on file, to back up our stated allegations. We will release this additional information if requested by an attorney, in writing.

We have intentionally chosen not to share our damning documentation with the public, in hopes that those listed here can eventually be brought to center, and become better versions of themselves through this experience.

It is their actions we condemn, not their souls!!

We are acting in good faith at all times. In the unfortunate event supporting evidence is later found to be photo-shopped, ‘doctored’ or fraudulent, we will retract our labeling immediately, and do everything within our power, to publicly clear those who were erroneously victimized.

Please Note:

We fully understand that we are being watched at all times ourselves, and are accountable to a much higher authority!  In the unfortunate event, someone on our own team intentionally provides fraudulent information, or documentation to shame the innocent… we will handle them with swiftness and finality, which will include adding them to the list below.

We understand that this page and practice, will be met with resistance from those who do not respect the hierarchical authority of the Illuminati. Before you go off half cocked with your self-righteous indignation, and/or your love and light based irrational positivity, may we remind you, this is NOT some new age social feel-good club! You have joined the most famous, and illustrious Secret Society on the planet. Do not mistake IAM’s silence for acceptance.

Keep in mind, dear Beacons, this is not us seeking to shame, for sport. This is us upholding our vow to live by the Illuminati’s tenets as Citizen Members.

If you take issue with this method of course correction for any reason, you might want to reconsider your involvement with this organization, entirely. This is not a game for children. The people that have been harmed by the nefarious practices of those who claim to be Initiates of the Illuminati, are VERY real. Those who prefer to look away from the largely criminal behavior of the people who have been listed here, will do so at their own peril. Looking away, is akin to kicking the faces of the innocents who have been victimized by them.

You have been told time and time again, this path is not for everyone. It is most certainly not for those who lack the integrity necessary to stand up for the downtrodden, who have been deceived as a result of these diabolical people. This is a family of Light. That which slithers in the dark, will be brought into the sunshine for sterilization. If that makes anyone uncomfortable, they are welcome to move on. There is zero humanity and empathy in defending those who intentionally and willfully seek to harm others.

Remember Initiates, The Illuminati is not looking for sheep, or the wolves that surround them. They are seeking shepherds of our species -those with proven character who are deemed worthy of curating the Age of Illuminatiam.




On a more personal note, I absolutely expect backlash from those who will attempt to justify the behavior of the people on our list. There will be those will vehemently defend those who have harmed others. All the while, completely ignoring those who have suffered as a result of their actions! I also fully expect the strictly  ‘Love and Light’ folks to have their hearts bleed out, while declaring these people have been damaged as kids, and they should be coddled, and not condemned. Thus lending energy to a cycle that should ideally be broken, not perpetuated.

Well guess what guys, I have known countless people in my lifetime who have come from the most horrific backgrounds you can imagine, and they have never resorted to deception, criminal behavior, or taking it out on other human beings. Excusing bad behavior only creates more of it, and that is part and parcel of why our global civilization is in decline.

If you REALLY want to see change, then adopt values that include unapologetic personal accountability and responsibility.  Recognize that even in the presence of love and Light, there are natural consequences for reprobates, and their abhorrent behaviors which comes in the form of justice, and perhaps even karma. And for the love of god, stop with the devil made me/him do it, my parents abused me blame game! Because I promise you… the Illuminati doesn’t play it!!





Brad Adams, Executive Liaison to Sec 77 and his team have all evidence in their possession. Many listed here have proven to be pathological liars, and should not be trusted under any circumstances at this time. Please use extreme caution when engaging these nefarious individuals until they fully repent, and if necessary- issue recompense.

While we will be keeping some of the more salacious evidence to ourselves… In an effort to quell rumor, we have begun to release some of the documentation we have to back our claims. Much of it is already a matter of public record.

Private viewing for registered members only can be viewed HERE


Mike McClin aka Rev. Michael Primus -Chicago, Illinois: Fraud. Threats of bodily harm, including death threats of Initiates and their families that are corroborated by witnesses and on record with the Police. Cyber-bullying. Cyber-stalking. Slander. Malice. Harassment. Profiteering using Illuminatiam Books & Branding. Police report, and supporting evidence is in our possession.

Lord Walter Anderson aka Osiris -Philadelphia, Pa: Former “leader” of “Crown Society Association aka CSA”. Fraud. Profiteering via Illuminatiam. Harassment. Using his role as an Initiate of the Illuminati to fallaciously solicit naked images from women for a fictitious modeling agency.

Chandra Wood aka Christi Anna Woodhead -Clearwater, Florida: Harassment. Slander. Malice. Intentional misrepresentation of a known Brand. Fraudulently claims her business Project-Illuminati is an LLC, when in fact it is only a “Fictitious Name” registered in the State of Florida, with no known business OR non-profit/NGO associated with her name, address, or DBA. Intent to Profiteer from the Illuminati’s Initiates. Additionally, there is no Project-Illuminati or Project-Illuminati Publishing registered with the State of Wyoming, as claimed. Aid and abets known scammers (Tolga Senen). She aids & abets those who are guilty of Intellectual Property Theft (Alpha Illuminatum). This is a matter of public record, and easy to verify by all who are astute.

Tolga Senen -Anatlya, Turkey: Fraud. Catfishing Initiates for money to avoid 8 months “debtors prison” aka jail. Begging for $52,000 for fictitious and fraudulent reasons that morph. Using ‘sock puppet’ accounts (Angela Oselton) to inspire others to drain their banks accounts for him. Slander of Initiates who brought this to the Light. Slandering DØDIS. Violating Copyright: DØDIS. False accusations that Illuminatiam and DØDIS are scamming enterprises, to justify his behavior. This is a matter of public record, and is easy to verify by all that are astute. 

UPDATE: Not only did Tolga manage to stay out of jail, he fictitiously raised the money to start his business that knocks off DØDIS talismans on Alpha Illuminatiam.

Dorothy Holesapple aka Dori Apple -Sacramento, CA: Aids and abets known scammers, and frauds (Tolga Senen ). Even after, seeing some of the evidence for herself. Slander of  Initiates, Illuminatiam and DØDIS. This is a matter of public record. and easy to verify by all who are astute. 

Amir Jaballah -Tanzania: Slander. Malice. Blackmail. Tried to sell a video of a naked and “drunk” female Initiate doing “inappropriate things” aka masturbating. Video was seen by security, and female Initiate has been conclusively identified by her image and Illuminati tattoo. We have the video, and screenshots to back this allegation. 

George Georgiadis  -Athens, Greece: Stalker. Verbally vicious. Has an “Mom” obsession and has threatened the rape, torture and/or killing of female Initiates. All has been reported to, and is being watched by, Interpol, FB and his local authorities. 

Imarhaigu Stanley aka Unity Brad -Curinga, (Catanzaro area) Italy: Plagiarism. Intellectual Property theft. Impersonation. Continues to offend even after being educated. Fraud. Sells unknown “services” by the hour for “Royal Brotherhood of the Divine Light” on Facebook. This is a matter of public record and easy to verify by all who are astute.

Tiffany M Offeild Roa -Gilroy CA: Social Malice. Vicious slander of Initiates. Pathological liar. Felonious claims stating she has a “non-profit organization” helping to find missing persons in California, when no legal business or non-profit records and/or EIN can be found to substantiate her claim. This is a matter of public record and easy to verify by all who are astute.

Real Name unknown ALIAS Kingdom Samuel -Lagos Nigeria: Beastiality. 3 images with various animals were sent to female Initiates in DMs. We are in possession of photographic evidence.

Founders, Members and legally culpable supporters of Alpha Illuminatum: Richard Scherer aka Papa Fred, Christine Ingraham aka Nikki Cee, Petros Regos aka Pete, Tolga Senen,  Jairamon Sono tornado, Terry Evans, Khalid Maher, Gauge Evans, Esa Kuivasto, Yamikami Chikho, Akania Osman, Rev. Rebecca Ellen Augustine Brian White & Brittany Rose Rivera: Plagiarism & Intellectual Property Theft of the Illuminati materials. Slander, Harassment, Malice & Piracy of DØDIS items. Slander, Malice of the Initiate Network which includes c22, Sec 77, Pyramid-ion, iMARK Radio, and their Founders. Please note, there are calling themselves the ‘next level’ in the Initiate Outreach, while simultaneously promoting the slander and suing of DØDIS. 

UPDATE: Initiate Network founder iVy Taroc has asked all volunteers to socially distance themselves from the infection that is Alpha Illuminatum. There is no path towards becoming Illuminati to be found there. All names of those in support of this virus have been reported to Illuminatiam, and we have asked for them to be held accountable for their deceit, given they claim to be Initiates.

Gaston Mugagga, Ntungamo, Uganda: Intellectual Property Theft & active distribution of unauthorized, unverified PDF copies -ILLUMINATIAM, The First Testament of the Illuminati. 

Marko Digotty, Unknown possibly Canada: Scam. Fraud. Malice. Marko has been scamming Initiates for years. His many websites removed as they pop up. 

Sara Williams Wasilla, Alaska: Aid & Abets scammer Marko Digotty. Even after having been shown proof of his operations, Sara supports, defends, and touts him as her “mentor”. Sara follows & speaks to many scammers, and is now believed to be one of them. 





”When our ranking members stray from our directives and require judgment, their punishment is shame.” -The Illuminati

“Public shame is a warning shot: one that is rarely ignored. The punished who receive judgement with humility are often restored to their previous glory at the end of their sentence.” -The Illuminati

”Find security in knowing that while your secrets are safe, the secrets of all who strive to destroy your species are also in our hands, and can and will be used against them.” -The Illuminati

”Every person is human and every human makes mistakes, but buried in those mistakes are scandals of abject ruin.” -The Illuminati




Glossary of terms:

Fraud: Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Synonymous with cheating, swindling, imposter, fake.

Slander: The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation. Defamation. Character Assassination.

Malice: The intention or desire to do evil; ill will. Spite. Vindictiveness. Venom. Hate.

Cyber-bullying: The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

Cyber-stalking: The REPEATED use of electronic communications to harass or frighten someone, for example by sending threatening emails. Related to gang-stalking, when done by a group of people.

Plagiarism: The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. Copies word for word, without attribution.  Related Intellectual Property theft which pertains to published works IE) copyright, trademark, patent etc.

Harassment: Aggressive pressure or intimidation. Persecution. Badgering.

Profiteering: Make or seek to make an excessive or unfair profit, especially illegally or in a black market.

Cat-fishing: Lure (someone) into a relationship(s) by means of a fictional online persona, with an intent to deceive -often for monetary gain.

Blackmail: The action, treated as a criminal offense, of demanding payment or another benefit from someone in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them.

Stalking: Unwanted and/or repeated surveillance by an individual or group toward another person.

Abets: Encourage or assist (someone) to do something wrong, in particular, to commit a crime or other offense.

Piracy: Copyright infringement (colloquially referred to as piracy) is the use of works protected by copyright law law without permission for a usage where such permission is required, thereby infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works.

*Some documentation can be seen on Illuminati Avenue



Hall of Shame contents have been reviewed by our attorney. He is a Professor of Law, and serves as the attorney for the College he teaches at, as well as the City in which he resides. Name has been withheld for privacy. All contents have undergone legal scrutiny, and would survive the most rigorous challenge in a court of Law.